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Video Conferencing.

tinychatWhat is it?
Video conferencing is often conducted through a wbesite or software which allows for multiple individuals to activate their microphone or webcam for others to view. For ezample, tinychat and Skype. Tinychat allows for many users to enter the room and can also be moderated if the primary user chooses to upgrade to a premium account. Tinychat is based online and the link must therefore be given to another for them to access the “room”.

Who uses it?
Video conferencing is used throughout a variety of people for a variety of potential reasons. This can be from general chit-chat to business meetings which require for a large number of people to be able to give their views or input.

Many conferencing softwares or website allow for upgrades which mean that you can enhance your experience on them away from the free versions they immediately supply.  Allow for multiple people to interact at any one time.

Some video conferencing softwares lack the ability to set the group to private which may mean that unwanted guests may join the room. Some softwares or websites have restrictions such as the number of people that can broadcast depending on the status of accounts.


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